Thyme Tea is Good for Reducing Cough and Congestion Clearing

Thyme_Tea_recipeSpring is in the air again. Better take care of allergies and coughing.

If you are suffering from coughing and every now and then you feel there’s something that tickle your throat and you can’t clear it up, well, here’s a good tip that might help you.

Thyme tea is good for reducing cough and congestion clearing. You can gargle a simple tea using thyme. Gargling with thyme tea helps to clear your throat of mucus and reduce inflammation. If you have sage in your kitchen spice cabinet, you can also use it to find same relief with thyme. To make a tea, you just need to prepare hot water, organic dried thyme or sage and a dash of salt.

Of course, you may also use a drop of thyme essential oil.

Thyme tea recipe:

  • 1 cup (240 ml) hot water
  • 1 teaspoon (5 ml) dried thyme or sage
  • dash of salt

Bring water to a gentle boil in a saucepan. Place the dried sage or thyme in the pan. Add a dash of salt.

Cover with a lid, and steep the herb for 10 minutes. Covering with a lid prevents the oils from evaporating in any escaping steam. Strain the tea into your favorite tea cup.

Allow the tea to cool to a comfortable temperature so that you can gargle with it. Gargling with this tea helps to clear your throat of mucus. It also helps with throat inflammation.

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